Bacchus Brewing Company

The Bacchus Brewery began production in March 2010 in the cellar of the Bacchus Hotel.

The Bacchus Hotel Brewery

Their first brews were only trials and were tasted by many of the local drinkers who gave their opinions on what needed changing. This helped Tony work out what he needed to do to perfect his brew. By October 2011 Tony was producing brews that were very popular with both the locals and bitter drinkers from far afield. This has led to the Bacchus Brewing company being contacted on many occasions to have their beer put into Beer Festivals around the UK.

It takes five to seven days to make each brew. The process starts with the malt (malted barley) being put into a grist case.

Tony the Head Brewer measuring out the malt

Malt being put into the Grist Case

From here it drops into a mash tun to mix with hot liquor (hot liquor is water treated with added sulphates and carbonates to increase the water hardness making it suitable for brewing)

The Brew so far

When the mash has stood for one hour, sparging then takes place. Hot water is sprayed onto the mash from the top and the work is drained from the bottom. Sparging extracts further sugars and flavours from the malt. Then the malt is put into sacks and goes to a local farmer who feeds it to his cows with it.

The wort then goes into the copper vessel where it is boiled for an hour and fifteen minutes.

The Wort going into the copper vessel

Whilst the wort is boiling hops are added at three different times during the boil, the purpose of this is to add bitterness and aroma.

The Hops that are added

The liquid wort is then run through a heat exchanger, which cools it, and then it is pumped into a fermenting vessel in another room. It then ferments for a further five days and is then cooled. Brewing yeast is added at the start of fermentation turning the worts sugars into alcohol and the wort into beer.

Over the next five days the wort is regularly monitored. The liquid is measured for its specific gravity or density. The density relates to the beers final strength – the more sugars the higher the density the stronger the beer.

After seven days the beer is barrelled and put into cold storage, after a further two weeks it is finally ready to be drunk from the pumps.

Tony Holloway – The Head Brewer
Stood next to the Mash Tun


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